All your telephonic interpretation needs
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Looking for conference, medical or legal telephonic interpretation? We have you covered. AmeriClic serves virtually all industries.

Get immediate expert onsite interpretation

On-Site interpretation requests are handled within 24-48 hours. Our professional on-site interpreters have met stringent credentialing standards to ensure excellent communication.

Translation and transcreation to meet your needs

At AmeriClic all translations are done by professional, experienced translators-not machines. Most machine translation cannot spot the nuances that make all the difference in effective communication. We provide “human” translation to ensure ultimate quality for your project.

Here are some examples of what we do by industry


Website translation and localization.


On-site interpretation for medical visits, translation of patient instructions, medical records, marketing materials/brochure, business cards …


On-site interpretations at depositions and meetings. Translation of legal documents.


Telephonic interpretation of accident reports and recorded statements, document translation and on-site meetings.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Many times new products require translation for guides and directions. Call us.

Governmental Services

Governmental work includes projects all around the world, we can help facilitate communication with indigenous people from that part of the world.

Media and Entertainment

Transcreation of marketing campaigns and materials, voice overs and professional presentations.

Advertising, PR, Marketing

Transcreation of ad campaigns and marketing materials, website localization, voice overs and presentations…

Travel and Hospitality

Transcreation of marketing materials, translation of concierge materials, on-site interpretations during meetings and presentations…

We have the expertise and talent you need in virtually every industry!




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